Yes, perspective is refreshing

Alright, so maybe I didn’t need to panic so much.

It turns out that I just had to think about it a bit. Now I can say that using a ‘Think About’ during a lesson can be helpful!!

I’ve spent some time that I didn’t really have to spend, however, I feel much better about the whole website thing now. Here’s my journey…

I searched Digital Artefact to gain some further insight and different perspectives on what this is exactly. From one of the sites I visited, I linked through to some examples of someone else’s artefacts. I found this really cool looking image / collage thing that said it was made using ThingLink. So I checked out that site, and I really recommend it.

It is really cool and looks like you can do heaps of stuff with it. However, I ended up finding a groovy looking video that I thought would be good imbedded in a website as an intro to the learning and instructions of how to navigate – in other words… a digital artefact…. and wanted to make one for myself. Turns out this video was made using Powtoon. So I ended up there and created the coolest video that just needs a bit of narration by me and, Voila!, pure digital magic!

So then I invested some full on hours making a website look the way I want it to (which is always so much more work than I realize), and even though I still have a ways to go with finding the right activities, videos and other stuff to link to the site to enhance the learning, it is really shaping up. I can’t see that I would ever use this kind of tool as a teacher, it just takes waaaayyyy to long to set up! However, I can see that something similar, on a smaller scale, would be beneficial to early finishers as it can still involve topical learning, rather than just a fill-in activity. Perhaps a website that can up updated with new links to new activities would be manageable.

Hmmmm, maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all.


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