First Day of Prac Teaching

I always forget how much I love prac!

I get so nervous and anxious, but once I get to know all the students’ names (usually by the end of day one) I feel so much better and can relax into the classroom. One advantage of being a mature age student and a mum is that I can relate easily to children and teachers, plus I am also quite extroverted so I have no problem introducing myself, getting to know everyone and asking questions.

My first lesson today was reading groups – my mentor is being very kind and letting me ease into it all! But I chose the guided reading books for each reading level group, and I made up questions and discussions about the books as we read, trying to encourage the students to be code breakers as well as text analysts (Freebody & Luke, 1990). I really enjoyed it and every single student was engaged.

The cohort of students in this class are almost ridiculously well behaved. There is easy 95%+ time on task. I have never seen a chaotic classroom where every student seems to be doing something different, yet where they are all on task. Mind blowing!!

So tonight I am planning my first actual teaching lesson. Information reports. I love Year 2, I get to ‘research’ YouTube clips about Minions.

Minion Image

My mentor is happy with what I have planned for the lesson as well as the ICTs that I have incorporated. I know it’s only almost the end of the first week, but I am feeling super confident about this prac, and I can’t wait to start teaching more!


Freebody, P. & Luke, A. (1990). Literacies programs: Debates and demands in cultural context. Prospect: An Australian Journal of TESOL, 5(3), 7-16.


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