My first excursion

I have been on school excursions before. As a student, as a parent, but not as a teacher. Now that I have seen one being organised from behind the scenes I can fully appreciate the amount of work, effort, logistics and reporting that goes into arranging such an outing. I’ll be heading off on this excursion tomorrow, and I am a little bit excited.

Next week, I will be doing some make up days for my prac, so I will have the opportunity to lead the class through a reflection on tomorrow’s excursion. It is for their History studies, but I will be able to incorporate some language and writing skills as well. I came across another blog ( that was discussing the benefits of teaching students the art of reflection… “It encourages students to develop a range of skills in identifying features and analysis, plus critical evaluation.” and I wholeheartedly agree. Reflecting on something like an excursion is easier for students than reflecting on last weeks maths lesson, because it was out of the ordinary and a bit of fun that they will remember easier. This kind of reflection calls for remembering, analysing and evaluating which is tricky for 7 year olds, but they need to start somewhere.

This blogger used the 3D format for reflective writing that they found in an article in Metaphor, a journal of the English Teachers Association of New South Wales, Australia in 2007. The 3 D’s are Describe, Disclose and Decide, and this format encourages students to to cover the what, how and why of what they are reflecting about as well as evaluating their response.

subjective to objective

I think that I will give this format a go when I take my students through their reflections. You never know, if it is successful I might even adopt the format myself for my own lesson / teaching reflections.


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