ICT and me

Technology and I have a rocky relationship, so I was very happy to hear that EDC3100 is about using ICT to enhance pedagogy in the classroom and not about learning technology programs or devices. I didn’t even get off to a good start. Over the school holidays, my delightful children used up every scrap of our internet data, which made accessing the studydesk and the course information rather difficult. I considered trying to access the first lecture via my mobile phone, however the thought of what could be involved with that gave me the heebie jeebies, so I resigned myself to the fact that I could listen to the recording once our data allowance reset. Don’t worry, the irony of being let down by my lack of technology knowledge for my first technology subject on-line lecture isn’t lost on me.

I am sincerely hoping that I will actually learn how to incorporate technology into my lesson planning. Perhaps I should reiterate that to say “effectively incorporate” because I’m sure I could just chuck in an iPad session into a lesson and the kids would have a great time! However, I am interested in making the most of what ICT can offer me as a teacher so that I can make sure that I enhance my students’ learning. I am looking forward to learning everything I can about ICT and pedagogy!